Eton Community Association

ECA (and Eton Traders) input for 5th December 2019

Eton & Eton Wick Information Centre (NP):

The Eton Information Centre “thank you official opening” was a great success. 35 people who have been involved since the Neighbourhood Plan development up until today celebrated with the location and beer provided by the Windsor & Eton Brewery and the remainder of fare provided at cost. The feedback continues to be consistently positive from locals, UK visitors and those from overseas. The connection with Windsor TIC continues to be an area of challenge although clarity of their (financial) position is expected very soon. Christmas calendars are on sale with the EIC benefitting from every sale.

Fund-raising is a constant need although sales are proceeding well. A brochure to encourage financial support is under development which will target businesses (rather than retailers and hostelries). Evaluation of a 6-day opening pattern are being considered, potentially adding resource of a computer-literate nature to cover any additional hours.

ECA events include:

December 4th – ECA meeting, Eton Town Council Offices

December 25th 12.00 – locals meet in the Henry VI

January 13th – Pub Quiz, The Crown & Cushion

January 15th – ECA meeting, Eton Town Council Offices

January 30th – Eton Choirbook exhibition at College?

February 3rd – tentative date for a curry evening at the Golden Curry

February 19th/26th – Date to be confirmed – ECA meeting, Eton Town Council Offices

February 26th – Talk by Mary-Jo Jacobi with Eton College Politics and Economics Society, Eton College

March 22nd – Spring Clean

(School holidays; Eton Porny 6th April – – 17th April; Eton College 30th March – 20th April)

April 24th – Combermere Barracks event

May 7th– Dave Bullock talk

And see for details.

Eton Action List and Projects:

There is continued progress returning one disabled space (Sunbury Close) to residents now that the new disabled space (Tangier Lane) is in place. The second potential location for residents’ parking space is not considered practical. Drawings of pedestrian access from MLCP awaited. Other issues including refuse issues, manhole restoration, crossing by the George, bobbly surfaces for disabled crossing at Atherton Court, painting of street signposts all progressing.

Final use of the remaining funds from the successful ECA £7,500 High Street fund application are being progressed, including purchase of new picks, children’s gloves and picks, additional children’s High Viz jackets, small protective gloves.

Bike parking continues to be an area of opportunity that is being explored, consistent with the capital bid submission.

Electrical needs

Work to physically assess the High Street (and wider) lack of statutory compliance completed. At the ECA meeting serious concern was expressed that the electrical safety compliance is not acceptable. This needs to be rectified by RBWM urgently and lack of funds should simply mean that this is urgently prioritised. We knew that the electrical, data and TV wires typically at first floor level on various buildings are poor in many places, as reviewed with Cllr Rayner, Paul Roach. RBWM, ETC, College and ECA can work together to progress this issue. Lamps and Tubes are progressing some actions whilst electrically connecting flagpole holders.

ECA events:

The large poppies for Remembrance day have been (labelled and) erected and subsequently taken down, and Eton’s approximately 70 mini Christmas trees have been stripped of their lights, refreshed and the lights re-attached. The ECA Christmas dinner attracted 34 people and a wonderful time was had by all! The Christopher hotel, under new management performed well and wonderful feedback has been flowing in from guests.

Eton Christmas:

The ever-popular Eton Christmas Lights Switch on took place on 14th November with Kevin Cruise (from the Windsor pantomime) turning on the lights. Thank you to Eton Town Council for their necessary contribution to the costs of the event and for their support therefore for the retail High Street. (A further £5-600 of the donation is still to be used.)

A Christmas window display competition is underway with prizes to be won. The winners will be judged by Cllr Rayner on 19th December.

Eton WIFI and mobile coverage (NP):

Update: RBWM say that there is no capital budget allocated for 2019/2020 so this will be submitted as a 2020/2021 bid, to address mobile phone and data access and replicate Windsor’s provision, so that our businesses and EIC are not disadvantaged. Petition signature collection started. Need to ramp up activity when time allows.

Mobile phone coverage will be enhanced by the O2 mast that will be erected at Intersystems provided the Planning application. However the planning application was refused. This needs re-submitting and needs support from ETC and RBWM Councillors.

Capital bids

These are being progressed as requested and as previously communicated to ETC.

The Tap & Donate points for those who wish to give to support the homeless and those with mental health or substance abuse issues is a capital bid that is in the system. The strong payback of this project should result in it gaining support despite RBWM funds being held due to the projected budget overspend. One potential tap and donate solution has been researched (thanks to Mastercard) through to potential ability to execute. However, an alternative is being sought which will be even more appropriate for the Windsor & Eton needs. A draft paper for funding is awaited from RBWM officers has been developed and funding applications have been submitted. Wifi will be required.

Police, RBWM and Eton College security support:

Following the excellent co-ordination between TVP, RBWM and the community regarding antisocial behaviour and drug dealing issues, the recent area of concern is Meadow Lane where multiple sharps have been found. Any knowledge of drug dealing, those sleeping rough etc must be communicated immediately to the appropriate services and dealt with urgently.

A “professional” bike theft took place week of 25th November.

Eton Matters

Our mini-magazine issue 21 is under development.

Barnes Pool Watercourse Restoration (NP):

Since the last meeting the physical investigation of the blockage that is reducing the inbound flow has taken place (with 4 vehicles and 6 people on the case). This was not as successful as hoped. However the flow is good, so the inbound filter will now be put in place. In addition we are commencing the research for signage.

The Eton College A level student who is involved through Design Schools subject curriculum to design and construct a bench has develop the final design, which will now be made at 1/3 full size. College are not supportive of erecting the full size version adjacent to Old Rowlands’ remains so it is unlikely that the full sized model will be made. and Eton Porny School are planning to involve their ECO Squad. A group of boys presented their ideas on development of the area behind Queen’s Schools to encourage biodiversity. Co-ordination between the Barnes Pool Watercourse project and the Boys’ proposals was initiated through a joint meeting.

High Street premises, retailers:

Charteris Centre and New Inn – it is disappointing that Clearbell and College will not consider a Workary as an intermediate use for these premises awaiting submission of a planning application for a future use.

41 – (formerly Turner & Tom, Jessica Knowles) will become a medical cosmetics outlet, with medical Dr bringing existing patients. (This has been reconfirmed).

68 – (formerly Makena) Turkish Barber opened week of 28th October.

70 – Cote refurbishment complete

80 – (formerly Lily Chic) Bubble tea shop opened week of 18th November

84 – Crown & Cushion – changed ownership October with no change in purpose nor bar/kitchen staff.

93 – (formerly Mostly Boxes) Interior goods, plants and children’s’ traditional toy shop opened week of 11th November

99-100 – Altof & Lyall closing; will become pop up exhibition temporarily

110-112 – The Christopher – now in new hands with excellent feedback – see ECA Christmas dinner.

136 – Eton Library’s refurbishment is held up because the need for structural improvements has been identified after stripping-back of the façade had taken place. Temporary cladding may be installed as the works will take some considerable time to complete.


17 – (formerly Jack Wills) is College owned but with a long term lease. The lease-holder is the accountable for finding a new tenant.

109 – (formerly Venture) is College owned but with a long term lease. The lease-holder is the accountable for finding a new tenant.

93 – Also see planning application to reduce retail space, which was refused by RBWM.

53 (formerly Age Concern) – sold at auction 30th May 2019 with existing planning consent expected to be executed. Preparatory works continue.

47-49 (formerly The Cockpitt) – in administration. Bob will establish Administration Co for Ros to contact. The contact needed is the owner, not Versant, who are the developer. College advise finding this through land registry.

67 – now ready to let?

Other – Between ECA individuals, Bob Austen (the Town Clerk), Cllr Rayner and others we are progressing:

The slipway ownership being transferred to RBWM – no progress has been received for some 2 months- Cllr Rayner’s further help required please.

Planning meeting for signage requirements has been requested, with no/slow progress.

Returning the Cockpitt pavement to the public – which needs addressing urgently