Eton Community Association

EWVA & WG update February into March 2020

Eton Wick Village Association – AGM postponed due to emergency personal commitments of committee members we have now rescheduled all public meeting activities to the March meeting on Wednesday 18th.  Meanwhile, we have a meeting with ETC councillors from Eton Wick on Tuesday 3rd March to align our continued activities. 

* Waterways group –  have now had their training by Thames21 formally acknowledged and are now recognised as a “T21 River Action Group” and following a really in-depth walk along with Roundmoor, Crest Brook and Boveney watercourses last week, have a developing plan for this year’s monthly volunteer maintenance work parties and long term plan with a couple of suggestions they will be linking with Wild Eton & Wick to present to landowners and stakeholders in the coming weeks.* The next Waterways Group work part in this coming Saturday, 7th March 10am meeting at Common Road as we hope to obtained permission to work in Eton Common from college.  If this doesn’t come through then Wild Eton & Eton Wick will be using this work party to launch River Ranger surveying with the volunteers.

*Wild Eton & Eton Wick – work continues behind the scenes to identify all the green/blue open spaces within the parish.  We’ve identified nearly 60 spaces that need their owners identifying, long term maintenance plans collecting and integrating into the Parish wide Bidoversity Action Plan which will then back up the Neighbourhood Plan.  Also working with ECA to look at funding opportunities within the Parish.  We’ve also made a start of checking those public footpaths.  Cllr Olney will be updated on the actions we’ve taken.  Now spring has arrived we’re hoping for a break in these incessant storms and will start the weeding programme in Bell Lane area replanted last year.  Attending the ECA litter pick on Sunday and holding one in Eton Wick on Saturday 21st March.
Last month I informed you of money EWVA is holding on your behalf and presented some business requirements, please may I have an update on the committee’s decisions regarding those requests?