Eton Community Association

Report from Cllr Rayner

The bin collections have now changed to the new pattern. There have been some issues in Eton that I’m aware of and thanks to Peter Eaton for looking at this.

Following the request by ETC the seats are now returned to the bridge.

The Thames Water project is progressing as regards alternative water flow. They are engaging well locally though there are still outstanding issues.

The Cockpit – I’ve heard it’s been sold and am awaiting confirmation of purchaser.

Crown Farm- are still engaging with the council and drawing up plans with activity on site measuring etc. Those plans will go to planning for a preapp hopefully early next year.  don’t know what the plans are. 

I’m attending hopefully this weekend the Eton boarding house drop in, putting up poppies in Eton and Eton Wick and the Eton Wick bonfire.