Eton Community Association

ECA including business input for 4th November 2021

Please note that there is an update of the Eton Information Centre, owned by the Eton Community CIC at the end of the report, after the ECA update.

Please will you circulate this as normal for us. I can add colour to one or two of the subjects highlighted, which need attention and are therefore most significant in the month.

If you read nothing else, please note that:

47-49 (formerly The Cockpit) – has been sold – There is a long story but we are optimistic that this will be a happy story for Eton.

ECA events include:

1st November – Eton Matters issue circulation

3rd November – TVP Event in ETC Offices

7th November – Litter pick

18th November – Christmas Lights Switch on

(25th November – Eton Information Centre Annual Thank you)

8th December – ECA meeting

10th December – ECA Christmas dinner

December – judging of the Christmas Window competition

4th June 2022 – HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Street Party

And see for details.


  • Green Eton – this is now fully “off the ground” with forking to aerate the Barnes Pool garden and the tree pruning evaluation currently on the agenda.
  • Christmas – the plans for 18th November are well developed. Tickets are now available for the Chapel activity – see poster attached.
  • Platinum Jubilee Street Party 2022 – awnings, tables, chairs and the entertainers (music emblemless, magicians, balloon artists) are secured, as well as security and first aid provision.
  • The next events continue to be outdoor ones, with the next litter pick taking place on 7th November.
  • The ECA Christmas dinner is planned for 10th December – more details to follow
  • The Christmas window competition has been launched (in Shout Out 29th October)

Meetings in the month:

  • Meeting with Serco to alleviate refuse issues both related to pre and post the new regime – see later.
  • Meeting with Tivoli to try to achieve progress with greenery issues.
  • The Windsor, Eton & Ascot Town partnership meeting attended with Christmas activities front and centre of the agenda. ASB especially GRT and policing, Platinum Jubilee preparation were all topics for Eton. There will be a physical Christmas brochure dropped through every door, which includes the Eton Christmas Lights Switch on date.

Eton Matters:

Issue 26 is being posted through letterboxes as I write this update.

Refuse contractor issues:

The noise about revised collection scheme is heightened. Two principle issues need resolution:

  • The Emlyn’s Building black sack collections, which need to be every week, in the way that Brocas Terrace is serviced.
  • The build-up of bins on Baldwin’s Shore, which is now understood and requires working with Baldwin’s Bridge Trust.

In addition, the inability of the contractor to empty some bins pretty much every week and not to return bins to their location is a continuing frustration.

Barnes Pool Project:

Green Eton is leading the forking to aerate the Barnes Pool garden and the tree pruning evaluation. AS mentioned last time, Janet Walker has joined the Project Team in place of George Fussey. The Project group continue to be concerned about the flow (College), where the flood alleviation has been partially but not completely thinned. The zinc-embossed sign (Project Group) will now be fixed in a revised way in light of the strength and structure of the wall. The boundary signage/ideas (Project Group) may be replaced with a walking route leaflet. The maintenance contract for Barnes Pool itself is being brought under the Green Eton group for supervision for ETC.

Eton Action List:

A small number of items have recently been completed. However:

The issue of the verge adjacent to Meadow lane Car Park, where there is residents’ parking nor the ivy issue in Eton Court Car Park have been addressed and needs escalation – the meeting with Tivoli should result in action of these items and others (Windsor tow path, planting of extended tree bed outside the Christopher Wren etc). The nettles issue may be completed by a local contractor at cost.

The vegetation on the outside (water side) of the Windsor/ Eton Bridge is being progressed by Cllr Rayner with RBWM.

The order and installing of the revised PSPO signs (purchase already budgeted by ETC) is reaching an agreed, authorised version with Mandy Mann.

Working with Cllr Rayner regarding PC Angela Bartley’s request to enhance cycling signage going north from Eton bridge round the Catholic Church and vegetation on the Windsor/ Eton bridge.

The electrical box replacement solution is designed but awaiting supplies results in phase 1 being planned for the New Year (and phase 2 in 2022/3 as was always the case due to funding).

There is no update regarding the varnishing of the Windsor/ Eton bridge handrail; the TRO for the proposed narrowing road signage etc at the entrance to ML and to SML.

Needing resolution:

The slipway ownership needs sorting – this is an important (and used) public slipway/hard which is a key Town facility;

The need to jet wash Windsor/ Eton bridge;

Lack of electric charging for cars in Eton

Note that the Eton Action List is always available on the website

Eton Action List Projects not budgeted:

The RBWM budget does not include:

  • The pedestrian route from Meadow Lane car park
  • Electric Car Charging points in Eton (which Cllr Rayner reports may be addressed through a private activity)
  • WIFI/broadband for Eton, mirroring Windsor as part of an Windsor & Eton scheme – which will be enabled by the lamppost work.

Eton Survey – what our residents and businesses want.

Actions reported last month continue to be progressed. Notably a solution for the lack of broadband etc has been identified but the cost to achieve this is approximately £450K for all of Eton – see minutes of ECA meeting on ECA website for details.

The Tap & Donate giving stations for those who wish to give to support the homeless and those with mental health or substance abuse issues was initiated prior to Lockdown 1. There is one Eton location; in Popeye Turkish Barber.

High Street premises, retailers:

Two prospective new retailers contacted last month.

17 – Skin HQ has opened!

41 – Has opened as a medical cosmetics outlet, with medical Dr bringing existing patients.

47-49 (formerly The Cockpit) – has been sold – There is a long story but we are optimistic that this will be a happy story for Eton.

53 – (formerly Age Concern) – Work continues to progress. This premises includes a significant retail space on the ground floor.

63 – Premier Stores are planning to expand back to the original larger footprint

69 – now ready to let?

80 – (formerly Lily Chic). The landlord has no current plans to let this premises.

89-90 – formerly Bespoke Beauty is still reported to have an imminent new tenant. However, former information that this would be a hardware store has been amended to be “a box window showroom and business” unfortunately.

93 – Gregory & Tapping – will be relocating to Windsor but both stores will run for some time.

104/105 – Eton Travel premises is sold, with an application for the rear to become residential rather than offices. The ground floor remains as retail space; that facilities are included needs checking to ensure this is consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan.

109 – (formerly Venture) is College owned but with a long term lease. The new long-term leaseholder is implementing the agreed approved plan, which includes a significant retail space on the ground floor with rear access and facilities, consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan. The revised planning application is a cause for concern and ETC have called this project in to panel, with strong support from ECA.

136 – Eton Library has ceased to operate, the premises being empty as of 24th February 2021 and has been taken as College offices.

Eton College new proposed Boarding House consultation was reasonably supported with some dozen attendees over the 2 hours.