Crown Farm

Statement issued on behalf of Eton Town Council 

On Friday morning 19th June, representatives from Eton Town Council and Eton Wick Village Association met Mr Sines at his request at Crown Farm.


The following assurance was given:


Mr Sines stated that having bought Crown Farm his intentions were to invest in and develop what is there, subject to planning permission, and that this most definitely did not include allowing travellers’ caravans to occupy the site.


It should be stressed again that all planning and legal authority resides with RBWM as the Planning Authority in this case, so that that any development or change of use will be subject to planning regulations, and these will include assessments on the impact on green belt and flood plain and environmental considerations of any proposed development.


Eton Town Council and Eton Wick Village Association have worked tirelessly over the past weeks in monitoring the situation as it developed and keeping residents and interested parties updated, including issuing a prepared statement which was widely publicised. The two bodies have acted in a watchdog capacity to ensure that the proper responsible authorities were kept constantly informed of developments. The meeting with Mr Sines was considered essential in order to try and obtain an understanding of his plans, and it is expected that he will make his full intentions clear in a formal manner as soon as possible.


Any enquiries on this situation should be directed to Bob Austen, the Town Clerk of Eton Town Council on


It is proposed that a Zoom EWVA meeting will be held within the next 7 days where Ward Councillors will be present to answer questions in person.


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A tasking has been created for ICR (Shift Officers) to complete some passing patrols at the location and TVP have put it on their patrol plan for the Windsor Central Team to conduct visible reassurance patrols within the area.

An Officer has been appointed to investigated and criminal offences at Crown Farm and plans to visit the occupants/business unit occupants to establish if there has been any intimidation directed towards them with a view to securing the sale of plots. One male was arrested a week ago and the digger he was operating has been seized that male was given Police Bail with conditions not to return to Crown Farm.

It is hoped that the collaborative work will enable intelligence development around key nominals and lead to improved engagement with occupants/a willingness to report incidents or intelligence.

It is hoped the landowners/administrators will carry out target hardening at the location to prevent further incursion. Planning enforcement work will be key but RBWM have also commissioned a wildlife survey so that other powers might be considered. TVP know from communications that the liquidators are (if they haven’t already going to erect fencing around the site).

Please feed in any further incidents/intelligence via 101, the whole LPA is aware of the issues there so it will get picked up.


Please continue to do everything to save this rural site for the villagers of Eton Wick. If RBWM can lead on a wildlife preservation order or similar it would allow the people of the village to become involved in the care and upkeep of the site through the Eton Wick Village Committee.


Crown Farm Auction
The Auction of the Crown Farm site took place on 17th June. The winning bidder paid £783,000. The winner was quick off the mark placing the first bid six seconds after the action opened. In all, there were 11 bidders, 408 bids and the final 4 bidders battled it out from £650,000.


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