Councillors’ Working Papers


This is a page that provides links to supporting information for  Councillors This page is subject to high levels of revisionat the April meeting::

Please use the link to join the meeting:
Meeting ID: 927 8196 0539 Passcode: 008879
This meeting is open to the general public and the agenda will also be published on the ETC website.
Please note that the meeting will be recorded and can be joined from 6.55pm. Please mute your microphone at all times unless and until you are called by the chairman to speak.

1.     Welcome

2.     Apologies

3.     Finance

a. To note and approve the schedule of payments for March 2021 – Town Clerk
b. To consider and approve spending issues for 2019/20 – Mr M. Reynolds
c. To agree expenditure of £270 from My Handyman for renovating 3 benches at SML Recreation Ground.
d. To agree expenditure of £235 from My Handyman for supplying and installing new litter bin on Stockdales Road Recreation Ground.
e. To agree to renew grounds maintenance contract with Greentouch Ltd (as recommended by the Environment Committee)

4.     Public Forum

To allow members of the public to air issues (for up to 3 minutes each followed by Q & A) which have been made known to the Town Clerk by 1pm on the Tuesday before the meeting.

5.   RBWM Councillor Issues
To raise matters with RBWM Councillors and to receive feedback on issues including parking on verges in Eton Wick as raised by Cllr Evans, and Libraries.

6.     Thames Valley Police Liaison

To consider local policing issues and to receive feedbacks.

7.     Coronavirus Pandemic To update on the current situation.

8.     Crown Farm

To update on the current situation and review action plan.

9. Library Provision
To discuss the Council’s approach to opening hours in light of proposals from RMWM and the paper circulated by EWVA
10. ASB in Eton
This item was discussed positively at the February meeting. The following motion is proposed by Cllr Lawless and seconded by Cllr Bishop.
This council supports the proposal made by ECA to use contractor resource at a cost of £1,776 +VAT to target a “behaviour change”, as advised by TVP (Inspector Tracey Croucher and team) and RBWM (David Scott, Head of Governance, Partnerships, Performance and Policy and team) to sustainably reduce the significant ASB issues experienced in Eton, most notably on the Brocas. This trial will be carried out in the spring/ summer 2021. If possible, funding for the trial will be from CIL charges awarded.
11.  Eton Community Association & Eton Wick Village Association/Waterways Group

To raise any questions arising from their reports, already circulated.
12. Confirmation of the Minutes

To confirm the Minutes of the virtual Town Council Meeting held on 4.3.21

13.  Matters Arising from the Minutes

To consider matters arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on

14. Reports from Committees
a. Standing Committee – Meeting on 17.3.21 – The Mayor
• To ratify changes to the standing orders recommended by the SC
b. Environment Committee – Meeting on 22.3.21 – The Mayor
• To ratify inclusion of Claire Taylor as a co-opted Member.
c. SML Task & Finish Group – Meeting on 25.3.21 – Cllr Lovell
d. To appoint an IT Task & Finish Group – The Mayor

15. Mayor’s Report

To receive a report from the Mayor listing activities and attendances in March 2021.

16.  Action List
To address the status of the issues currently being pursued.
a. Cycling problems in High Street, Eton – The Mayor
b. Hayward’s Mead Play Area Redevelopment – Cllr Tarbox
c. South Meadow Lane Pavilion Redevelopment Task & Finish Group – Cllr Lovell
d. Eton & Eton Wick Footpaths – Cllr Olney
e. Sustainability, Biodiversity & Climate Change Emergency – The Mayor
f. South Meadow Lane Traffic Flow – The Mayo

17. Website & Social Media/You Tube

a. To receive report from Cllr Blightman for March 2021
b. To receive report from Cllr Hemming for March 2021

18.  Correspondence

To review items of correspondence received during March 2021

19.  Development Control – Parish Consultation

To hear from the Planning Committee and determine the Council’s responses to RBWM in respect of planning applications received during March 2021.

20.  Other Organisations
To receive reports from Members representing the Council on other organisations:
a. Baldwins Bridge Trust – Cllr Bishop
b. Eton Wick Football & Social Club – Cllr Hemming
• To discuss recent events and the use of grassed area by the club
• To review the need for a new lease to be drawn up
c. Eton Poor’s Estate – The Mayor
d. Heathrow Airport Expansion – Cllr Leach

21.  Recreation Ground & Open Spaces

– reports from designated members
a. Stockdales Road Recreation Ground – Cllr Lawless – update on ASB issues
b. Hayward’s Mead Recreation Ground – Cllr Lovell – update on ASB and gate
c. South Meadow Lane Recreation Ground – Cllr Hill
d. Bell Lane Open Area – Cllr Robertson
e. Jubilee Square, Watermans Arms & Baldwins Shore– Cllr Leach
f. Barnes Pool – Cllr Bishop
g. Riparian Works – The Mayor
h. Allotments – The Mayor – and to review the need for a new lease to be drawn up

22.  Any Other Business

(please communicate to the Chair before the meeting)

23.  Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 13th May 2021 at 7.00pm,
preceded by Annual Meeting at 6.30pm.
To confirm location of this Meeting.

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