In Remembrance


We Will Remember Them

Eton Town Council have planted 34 trees * to commemorate the 34 men of Eton Wick and Boveney New Town who fell in World War 1.

A further 12 trees* were planted to commemorate the 12 men of Eton Wick who fell in World War 2.

The trees have been planted along Eton Wick Road from the Dorney Common end to the Eton end.

* For the location of the trees and a brief description of each man, follow these links WW1 Trees and WW2 Trees

Eton Town Council would like to acknowledge the work done by Frank Bond that is published in his book “Their Names Shall Be Carved in Stone” (ISBN 0-9538240-9-4) in providing the history of each of the servicemen who are represented by the trees.

These links and others can also be seen here